Welcome to the world of Aenea, the home of my Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Aenea is an earth-like world, with a variety of climates and cultures.

Aenea is a fantasy world, set mainly in a Middle Ages sort of time. Most of the kingdoms share a common language (although not all), a common currency, and a common system of religious beliefs. Magic is a little more common than in most worlds, but is still beyond the understanding of the common person. Technology is generally not advanced beyond the use of the heavy crossbow.

While this site will include a lot of information that will be helpful for players, much more can be found in the Aenea Player's Handbook, a document that can be viewed online or "printed" as a PDF for offline viewing. This handbook includes content for races, classes and subclasses, backgrounds, feats, spells, and more, all for the D&D 5th Edition (5e) game rules base.

Aenea used to use the 3rd Edition rules, and quite a bit of content was collected for that version of the game. You can find that older version of the site at www.amethyst-dragon.com/Aenea/3rdEdition. The old version of the site has not been updated since February 16, 2014.

               -The Amethyst Dragon, DM and Player.