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Tradeskill: Metallurgy: The List

The following table lists all of the items that can be created by Player Characters in Aenea using the Metallurgy tradeskill. The table lists each such item, the material(s) needed to create each item, and the VC command that needs to be typed into the chat bar while using a special crafting anvil.

Metallurgy Product:Required Material(s):VC Command:
Bar of IronIron Ore (3);;ts metal bar of iron
Bar of SteelBar of Iron, Plank of Oak Wood;;ts metal bar of steel
Bolt of SilverweaveBar of Silver, Gold (50);;ts metal bolt of silverweave
Bolt of SteelthreadBar of Steel;;ts metal bolt of steelthread
Helmet PotBar of Steel;;ts metal helmet pot
Iron BandsBar of Iron;;ts metal iron bands
Iron ChainBar of Iron;;ts metal iron chain
Iron Hammer HeadBar of Iron;;ts metal iron hammer head
Iron OrbBar of Iron;;ts metal iron orb
Iron RingsBar of Iron;;ts metal iron rings
Iron SpikesBar of Iron;;ts metal iron spikes
Large Steel BladeBar of Steel;;ts metal large steel blade
Metal Dye, BlackGold (50);;ts metal dye black
Metal Dye, BleachGold (50);;ts metal dye bleach
Metal Dye, Bright BlueGold (50);;ts metal dye bright blue
Metal Dye, Bright CopperGold (50);;ts metal dye bright copper
Metal Dye, Bright GreenGold (50);;ts metal dye bright green
Metal Dye, Bright PinkGold (50);;ts metal dye bright pink
Metal Dye, Bright RedGold (50);;ts metal dye bright red
Metal Dye, Dark BlueGold (50);;ts metal dye dark blue
Metal Dye, Dark CopperGold (50);;ts metal dye dark copper
Metal Dye, Dark GoldGold (50);;ts metal dye dark gold
Metal Dye, Dark GreenGold (50);;ts metal dye dark green
Metal Dye, Dark IronGold (50);;ts metal dye dark iron
Metal Dye, Dark RedGold (50);;ts metal dye dark red
Metal Dye, Dark TurquoiseGold (50);;ts metal dye dark turquoise
Metal Dye, Light GoldGold (50);;ts metal dye light gold
Metal Dye, Light TurquoiseGold (50);;ts metal dye light turquoise
Metal Dye, RainbowGold (50);;ts metal dye rainbow
Small Steel BladeBar of Steel;;ts metal small steel blade
Steel Axe HeadBar of Steel;;ts metal steel axe head
Steel Chain Armor TunicIron Rings;;ts metal steel chain armor tunic
Steel Plated Armor ChestBar of Steel;;ts metal steel plated armor chest
Steel RodBar of Steel;;ts metal steel rod
Steel Shield BodyBar of Steel;;ts metal steel shield body
Steel Weapon HiltBar of Steel;;ts metal steel weapon hilt