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The Amethyst Dragon's Untitled Sourcebook of 2024

I am currently creating a full-size, content-packed sourcebook (with all sorts of stuff for players and DMs). It will be kickstarted and published in 2024.

The as-yet untitled book is already more than 300 pages long, with content already written and without yet opening space for making thing look nicer formatting or for adding artwork. Once Wizards of the Coast finalizes the update to D&D in 2024 (One D&D), and if their update to the Open Game License (OGL) is acceptable, I may update all of the content within the book to fit with the new edition/version/whatever they want to call it.

You can find the current 5e versions of my homebrews on The Grand List of Homebrew Content. Early supporters of my work (before the book comes out) may have the chance to get their names in the book, and some people might even see their favorite PCs included as NPCs that others can use in their games.

If you reached this page by following a link in the Grand List that I marked with a blue shield (), that content is something you can look forward to getting within the book.

For those that have an interest in chatting about homebrew stuff, D&D stuff in general, the book and its progress, or any other potentially interesting subject, I do have a Discord server that I use for communication with patrons and visitors, and for running my weekly D&D campaigns. If you see me in the General Chat or Patron Voices channels, feel free to drop in and say hello.