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The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything

The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything

I am currently creating a full-size, content-packed sourcebook (with all sorts of stuff for players and DMs). It will be kickstarted in mid-March of 2024, with pdf and physical copies of the book delivered later in the year.

The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything is 575 pages long. Editing has been completed, art pieces for the final two chapters are being created and added, and the cover design is being finalized. The book's contents and layout will be finished before the Kickstarter campaign begins.

You can SIGN UP HERE to get notified when the Kickstarter campaign goes live on March 19th. If you share this link with your friends who might be interested in getting this book for themselves, it would be appreciated.

Included in the book are:

  • 5 Revised + 1 New Species (races)
  • 59 Ancestries (subraces)
  • 6 Backgrounds
  • 108 Subclasses
  • 13 Fighting Styles
  • 46 Martial Techniques
  • 6 Metamagic Options
  • 8 Pact Boons
  • 35 Eldritch Invocations
  • 40 Feats
  • 9 Conditions
  • 20 Diseases
  • 40 Poisons
  • 30 Points of Interest
  • 39 Plot Hooks
  • 115 Monsters
  • 62 NPCs
  • 128 Nonmagical Items
  • 433 Spells
  • 528 Magic Items
  • 31 Nonmagical Treasures
  • Class Feature Additions + Updates
  • Crafting/Tool Use Updates
  • Plus More Optional Rules/Changes

Get Connected to Stay Informed. You can stay up to date on the progress of the book by joining my Discord (I have a dedicated WIP channel), and by following me on Instagram (the.amethyst.dragon), Twitter (@AmethystDragon), and/or Bluesky (

You can find the current versions of all of my homebrews on The Grand List of Homebrew Content. Early supporters of my work, aka patrons on Patreon, have the chance to get their names in the book, and some people might even see their favorite PCs included as NPCs that others can use in their games.

If you reached this page by following a link in the Grand List that I marked with a blue shield (), that content has been created, but will be found exclusively in the book. Patrons voted for including such content in the list so they would know some of the new things to look forward to when the book is published.