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Custom Content Credits:

Much of the great stuff found in the World of Aenea would not be possible without the generous work of authors and modelers in the NWN community that have shared the results of their talents with everyone.

I am going to attempt to track down the origins of all of the content used since I started building Aenea (back in 2004) in order to give proper credit where it is due, so this list is definitely a work in progress.

If you happen to notice content in Aenea that you made for which you have not yet been credited, please let me know!

Creator: Pasilli (and TheFace, Josiah, Adam Miller, and Lucifer Church)
Rocky Mountains - the source of the mountain areas

Creator: gaoneng
Flowing River Demo - the original idea/model for the "flowing liquids" found in many Aenean streams and rivers
Alternative Door Forms - the origin of some of the doors used here

Creator: Ilmater
CODI-Daggerdale Swamp set - the origin of the terrain of the Swamp of Mists

Creator: Mordaedil
Immunity Icons - the original idea/inspiration for the different immunity icons you see in game

Creator: JackTaylor
JFK Sacrifice - the original idea/inspiration for the Sacrificial Flame

Creator: Lisa
Lisa's Third Stab at Fancy Schmancy Cloaks - the origin of several cloak designs and the inspiration for the custom Aenea cloaks
DLA_Lisa's Color Adaptable Wings and Tails for 1.67 - the origin of the colored wings for the Winged PCs

Creator: ThallionStellani
NWAlleys - the narrow alleys found in cities

Creator: Yumi-Chan
Yumi's Forest Water Terrain Ver 1.0 - the reason there is sometimes water in the forests
Smithy Tile Add-on - this is how the blacksmiths don't die of smoke inhalation
Winter Smithy Reskin - hey, stuff still needs to be forged in cold areas

Creator: Firehazurd
Tunnels - this is where the near-ground-level tunnels come from

Creator: Lucifer Church
Rural Waterfalls - this makes wider waterfalls possible

Creator: helvene
Rural sewer entrance - so you can follow water back into a hillside
Archer Towers - watch out!

Creator: Some_ux
Caravels! - some great ships
Longships (SOU) - some great ships

Creator: Acropole
bioware's dungeon raise/lower - adds elevation to the dungeon

Creator: Gribo
Drawbridge for the city tileset - adds a drawbridge for cities

Creator: Tiberius_Morguhn
More Doors - adds, um, more doors

Creator: Heed
Heed's Rustic City Tileset - a more rough and tumble city tileset
Heed's Dungeon Tileset - a more classical style dungeon

Creator: diademus (skin) and Whimsikal (animations)
improved Yuan Ti - abominations - these will show up as devotees of Sorgath later...

Creator: Lord Nikon
stargate_cep150.hak - this is the source for the circle of stone and control used for the Wanderer's Portals

Creator: Niffty
Zombie Grave Crawl - some undead like to make a more dramatic entrance, and this script was the inspiration for my own version

Creator: Markshire
Markshire Portable Persistent Chest System - it was this idea that led to the Ethereal Chests available through Arkon the Wolf

Creator: SiliconScout
SiliconScout's Treasure Spawn System - this system is that enables the enemies you encounter to have different gear and loot

Creator: DirgeSinger
DFS: Deity Favor System - a couple of ideas from this were incorporated into Aenea's deity favor stuff

Creator: John 'Gestalt' Bye
Gestalt's Caverns - adds lava and pits to the mines and caverns

Creator: Danmar
LOK Tileset Addon #6 - adds lots of houses

Creator: Stephen Nispel
Windows for Castle Interior v1.2 - adds windows inside castles

Creator: Veldin
Desert w/ Dunes - adds sand dunes to the desert

Creator: Baronrage
Drylands Tileset Hi Version 1.1 - adds sand dunes to the desert

Creator: Acropole
bioware's dungeon raise/lower - adds variety to the classic dungeon

Creator: Hakalot
Plasma Weapons v1.1 - adds more weapon variety

Creator: Nanosphere
NanoSky Pack I - Hi Res - awesome sky views
NanoSky Pack II - Hi Res - awesome sky views
NanoSky Pack III - Hi Res - awesome sky views

Creator: Psyra Silverscale
PsySkies (Addon for NanoSkies) - more awesome sky views

Creator: Wes Baran
Rebuke/Command Undead - makes evil clerics rebuke/command undead instead of turn them

Creator: Killer Axe
Ioun Stones v3.0 - the source of the item icons used for Aenea's ioun stones

Creator: BigfootNZ
BigfootNZ - Ioun Stones VFX - the source of the base models Aenea's new ioun stone visuals are made from

Creator: Worm
Updated Werewolf Model - the origin of the better, remade werewolves that roam Aenea.

Creator: Daemon_Blackrazor
Issig Throwing Daggers - used one of the models from this as a basis for Aenea's throwing daggers.

Creator: LordofWorms and Diademus
Improved Ghouls - helping to make undead scary again
Improved Zombies - more scary undead

Creator: sixesthrice
Undead Redux (Skeletons) - even more scary undead makeovers

Creator: BigfootNZ
Elemental Grues, Fire and Air - the air grue is the original model that was heavily modified for the Aenean air and fire elementals
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