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Important Information:

Your Deity: Special situations are set in place for people with specific deities. When you start a character, you will have to choose one of the twenty deities as your patron.

Clerics: If you are a cleric, you must remain within the alignments allowed by your patron deity or else risk your spells not being granted. Be sure to read the descriptions for the deities carefully, or else you may not be able to adventure in Aenea.

Clerics with Andra as their patron deity will not be able to enter the World of Aenea proper. Those multi-classing into cleric with Andra as their patron will have to select a different class.

DOMAINS: Default cleric domains are not used in Aenea. The first time you level up as a cleric, the game will automatically delete the unused "domain feats" from your character.

Death: Death is a reality in Aenea, but thanks to the gods, it is not permanent. If or when you are killed, several things will happen.

You will find yourself in the Great Hall of Zolaras, a stopping place for spirits. Your corpse will be left behind at the place you died (in most cases). You will lose a portion of your experience points right away.

If you were carrying a scroll of either raise dead or resurrection, other Player Characters can search your corpse to recover one of the scrolls. They can then use that scroll (or cast the spell if a powerful cleric) on your corpse to bring you back to life at the spot you died, restoring 75% of the xp you lost upon your death.

If you were carrying Zolaras' Gift, you can use it in the Great Hall to bring yourself back to life at the spot you died with 1 hit point, restoring 75% of the xp you lost upon your death.

If you choose instead to return to life on your own, you will walk to the dais on the far side of the Great Hall. Stepping onto the symbol in the center will return you to life. If you were wearing soul anchor boots when you died, you will return to the spot you perished. If not, you will return to life at the Temple of Life in Valorian's Vale. Either way, you will lose a portion of your gold coins.

When using the dais to return to life, you may find that you regain a portion of your lost experience as a reward for your piety. The more you have sacrificed to your deity (via the sacrificial flame) or given praise at altars, the more likely you are to regain a bigger share of your lost xp.

Resting: To rest, you must make use of your bedroll (found in your inventory). Those characters of 4th level to 6th level must wait 4 hours of game time between rests, those of 7th level or higher must wait 8 hours. Characters must have food or other form of sustenance to rest. Certain items and effects may be able to remove the need for food.

Full hit points are not automatically gained with rest. Instead, you regain 1 hit point plus your Constitution modifier per level. Using the bandages on a character just before he/she rests can greatly improve the amount of hit points regained by resting. Resting in armor is more difficult and can actually damage you (the higher the armor check penalty, the more damage).

Evil Clerics: Evil clerics in Aenea cannot turn or destroy undead. They instead have the power to rebuke or command them. They still use the "Turn Undead" power in-game to do this.

Spells: Many spells have been altered and added. Be sure to read your spell descriptions.

Domains: While a cleric can select two domains at 1st level as normal, any benefits gained have been removed. Clerics instead gain Granted Spells based on their deity as they advance in level.

Skills: Several additional skills are coded into the background of Aenea (Gather Information, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (history), Knowledge (nature), and Knowledge (religion)). Characters of different classes advance at different rates in these skills automatically as they level. Certain items may also affect these skills.
   The physical skills (Balance, Climb, Jump, Swim) are usually required to reach certain places. These are often used by clicking on certain features that show only when the [tab] key is held down (such as certain water entry points or scaleable walls).
   The mental skills are called upon automatically when certain tasks are attempted (such as understanding an obscure ritual or trying to identify a set of tracks).

Bonus Experience: If you meet certain requirements, you may find that you are awarded bonus XP on occasion (currently once per hour of play). Here's how you can get these bonuses:
  • Single Classed: You have levels in only one class (5% bonus).
  • Dual Classed: You have levels in two classes (2% bonus).
  • Paragon of Good: Your alignment in relation to good and evil is almost perfectly good (5% bonus).
  • Paragon of Neutrality: Your alignment in relation to good and evil is almost perfectly neutral (5% bonus).
  • Paragon of Evil: Your alignment in relation to good and evil is almost perfectly evil (5% bonus).
  • Soulgem Collector, 5th Order: You are the bearer of at least ten rare and priceless soulgems (1% bonus).
  • Soulgem Collector, 4th Order: You are the bearer of at least twenty rare and priceless soulgems (2% bonus).
  • Soulgem Collector, 3rd Order: You are the bearer of at least thirty rare and priceless soulgems (3% bonus).
  • Soulgem Collector, 2nd Order: You are the bearer of at least forty rare and priceless soulgems (4% bonus).
  • Soulgem Collector, 1st Order: You are the bearer of at least fifty rare and priceless soulgems (5% bonus).

Area Maps: There are a few maps that may be helpful to players. When those become available, they may be posted here for easy location.

Currently Available:
Mountainholm Castle
Valorian's Vale

Rules (and Stong Suggestions) of the Game:

Rule: Player vs. Player Combat (PvP): Aenea is basically a no PvP server. There is one "arena" area in the Calithian town of Sunglory, called the Bloodsand Pit, designated for PvP combat. No PvP combat outside of the Bloodsand Pit (this is to prevent the possibility of griefing or catching unsuspecting bystanders unawares).

The area surrounding the Bloodsand Pit is set up so that other PCs can safely watch the show, possibly placing bets (see the VC command game help for more info).

Please be respectful when engaging in such combat. Carry a raise dead or resurrection scroll with you to use on your worthy fallen foe (and use Tells to ask if your opponent wants to be raised...some people do not always want that service).

Suggestion: Item Swapping: If you have multiple characters, please refrain from swapping items or gold between your characters. Each character should earn/find his or her own equipment and money, and low-level characters fully decked out with the best possible equipment strains the immersion for both you and for other players.

Suggestion: Helping New Players/Characters: I want Aenea to be a very friendly server for new players, but I still want it to remain a challenge. When offering aid to new characters, please limit your aid to acting as guides, answering questions, giving only "basic" items (mundane weapons/armor, potions of cure light wounds, healer kits, etc.), and partying up with similarly-levels characters.

For things like mazes, riddles, prophesies, and puzzles, let new characters figure them out for themselves, giving only the most minor of clues if needed. Players gain much more satisfaction if they solves these sort of things themselves without someone else just handing them the answer. Teleporting other characters beyond such challenges also detracts from the challenge and satisfaction.

Each character in a party should help in overcoming challenges and earning XP. It's not much fun for one character to sit in complete safety and simply soak up XP as a much more powerful ally does all the work.


With the new VC command pc tool portrait xxxxxx, players can change their in-game portrait at any time. To aid in selecting a new portrait, you can use this list.