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Aenea - Step By Step Install Guide (for new players)

(originally written by player Myd-Nyt)

Required Resources
Neverwinter Nights + Shadows of Undrentide + Hordes of the Underdark (v1.69 - aka "NWN Diamond")
Only a $9.99 download if you don't have it! (2.3 gb)

- NWN:EE head start cannot currently be used to play in Aenea.
Community Expansion Pack (CEP 2.63)
A massive collection and compilation of community-made monsters, items, and other content used by many modules and servers.
Download (954 mb)
Project Q (v2.2.1)
A large collection of new content and improvements to older game resources. Download and run the Q Updater to get the files.
Download (747 mb - get 2.2 full, then 2.2.1 patch)
Aenea PW-Specific Files

Dates in yellow indicate files changed during the most current file update. If it's been a while since you played, you should check dates on other files as well.
File: Description: Decompress: DL-Size: Updated:
aenea.tlk Custom text for things like new spell descriptions, prestige class information, feat descriptions, etc. NWN/tlk 203kb 2018-Jan-02
aeneahak_updates.hak A hak file often updated with new and additional content. NWN/hak 12 mb 2018-Jan-18
aeneahak_p.hak An Aenea hak file. NWN/hak 40 mb 2013-Jul-31
aeneahak_q.hak An Aenea hak file. NWN/hak 87 mb 2013-Jul-18
aeneahak_r.hak An Aenea hak file. NWN/hak 66 mb 2013-May-10
aeneahak_s.hak An Aenea hak file. NWN/hak 15 mb 2013-May-10
aeneahak_t.hak An Aenea hak file. NWN/hak 35 mb 2010-Sep-17
aeneahak_u.hak An Aenea hak file. NWN/hak 50 mb 2018-Jan-07
aeneahak_v.hak An Aenea hak file. NWN/hak 21 mb 2013-Nov-27
aeneahak_w.hak An Aenea hak file. NWN/hak 24 mb 2008-Dec-06
aeneahak_x.hak An Aenea hak file. NWN/hak 12 mb 2013-May-10
aeneahak_y.hak An Aenea hak file. NWN/hak 39 mb 2010-Oct-02
aeneahak_z.hak An Aenea hak file. NWN/hak 95 mb 2010-Sep-17

Optional (Recommended) Resources
Neverwinter Nights Client Extender (NWNCX)
A set of modifications designed to improve the player-side game software, opening options for things like new weapon, beam, and spell skin visual effects and open-faced helmets.
- Information & Download (38 kb)
Community Music Pack
A large, optional collection of music files you can download. If you don't have this, you won't be able to hear the included music, but will still be able to play.
- Site (384 mb - decompress to NWN/music)
World of Aenea Transparent Unabtrusive GUI Overhaul/Upgrade Neverwinter Nights Vault Hall of Fame
The award-winning, upgraded, transparent, unabtrusive, custom GUI developed for you, the players of Aenea, combined with almost all of the other Hall of Fame winning GUI modifications I've made.
- Site (3 mb - decompress to NWN/override)
Aenea Color Palette Override
This slightly alters the color palettes for skin, hair, cloth, leather, and metal. Designed to work with certain items in Aenea and add some more "scaly skin" colors.
- Download (235 kb - decompress to NWN/override)
Aenea: Dialog.tlk
This modified version of the NWN/dialog.tlk file fills in some blank spaces with some PW-specific text that is called if/when a PC is script-booted. The new text explains the reason for the booting, anything from character updates (voiceset change via Letoscript) to a server reset to a DM-initiated boot. It also replaces the generic "halfling" text with "fae" (what they're now called in Aenea).
- Be sure to make a backup of your default dialog.tlk file before downloading this one.
- Download (2 mb - decompress to NWN)
Aenea Portrait Pack
Many portraits for players of Aenea. This is a compilation of the best of the Vault and a couple of Aenea originals.
- Download (69 mb)(decompress to NWN/portraits)
CEP Robes for ACP
MannyJabrielle has kindly put together modified CEP robes that work with the alternative combat animation styles.
- Download (1 mb - decompress to NWN/override)
Colored Eyes, Lips, Eyebrows
This simple package made by DeathFace (RestlessKnight) adds the ability to color many characters' eyes, lips, and eyebrows with the tattoo and hair colors. Little details can make for a better game.
- Download (17 mb - decompress to NWN/override)
Aenea: Player Build Module
A basic module file to use as a base in the toolset for making custom reward items and player housing. The proper .hak and .tlk files are already associated for ease of use.
- Download (25 kb - decompress to NWN/modules)
World of Aenea Map, Printable, Full Resolution
7.5 x 10 inch PDF files ready for printing (and taping together), and a full-rez .bmp for computer use. Keep notes on it or use to help visualize travel across Aenea.
- Site

If the files do not properly download (and you get what looks like strange code), you may need to right-click on the links and select "Save As..." or "Save Link As..." (or similar option, depending on your browser software).