The World of Aenea - A Persistent Neverwinter Nights World

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A Selection of NPCs and People of Interest in Aenea:

Darla Blackrose is a talented metalsmith and a priest of Ralth that lives in Valorian's Vale. She keeps all the guards and adventurers protected by selling her high quality weapons, armors, and shields. She can also identify most magical items for a small fee.

Kerril is the town administrator of Valorian's Vale. When there is work that needs to be done, this man is the one that often arranges for those in need of money (such as adventurers) to get it done.

Antonis is an experienced Healer of Asis. He tends to the Temple of Life and provides care to residents of Valorian's Vale. For a proper donation, he will cast healing spells on adventurers and sell them healing potions and healing kits.

Arkon the Wolf is a creature that resides in a strong-walled building in Valorian's Vale. Arkon is strangely devoted to honesty and protection, and provides clients with a safe place to keep their excess gold and items. He is also able to somehow store a portion of a person's intangible experiences and memories, just in case something really bad should happen to them out in the world.

Garin Silverlocks is the head priest at the Temple of Fate in Macedone. As long as someone has 10,000 gold coins to donate, he has the power to remove any and all cursed items he or she may be carrying.

Lady Shea is the half-dragon in charge of All Things Magical beneath Mountainholm Castle. She knows a great deal about many different magical items and spells.

Captain Wayne Moonsilver is captain of the Silver Moon, a sailing vessel that travels the seas and oceans of Aenea. If given proof of travel purchased from a harbarmaster, he'll take a person around the world.

Smitty is the gnome that owns Smitty's Shoppe in Valorian's Vale. A variety of things can be purchased from him for reasonable prices.

Philonius the Charred is the oddly sun-seeking drow found in Calithia. From under his canopy in the Gold Ward, he sells a variety of "pre-owned" objects to those that do not really care if his materials were obtained by a "property re-allocation specialist."

Emporer Gron is a powerful cleric of Ragnor and ruler of all of the Empire of Blood (K'Nort Scrar). Only the strongest (or luckiest) have ever faced him to tell the tale, but some greater evil, perhaps the Broken One himself, seems to want him returned to life.