The World of Aenea - A Persistent Neverwinter Nights World

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A Sampling of Monsters:

Air Elemental:
A being of living air, this elemental is often summoned by various spellcasters. Fast and agile, these dangerous creatures originate on the Elemental Plane of Air.
Balor Hunter:
Dangerous predators of the Dark Realm, these beings find enjoyment in catching and very slowly eating anything weaker than themselves.
This dangerous creature dwells in desert sands, waiting for prey to pass near before showing itself. Its razor sharp jaws are said to be able to cut stone.
Blood Shark:
A fearsome predator with an insatiable appetite for blood, this creature is not safe to be around. It often swims in the same waters frequented by fishermen and pearl divers.
Bone Collector:
This large spider constructs armor for itself from bones it has scavenged.
Cinder Troll:
This dangerous cousin of the common troll can be encountered in all but the coldest of environments. Its body is infused with the heat of a smouldering blaze, and it is immune to fire, making it more difficult for troll hunters to eliminate.
Devourer Beetles:
A nuisance to some, the bane of others, these nasty little bugs have been known to devour the contents of an entire granary in minutes. They can smell food from quite a distance and attack those carrying it.

Displacer Beast:
This creature hunts practically anything for food. It is able to avoid being hurt when attacking by not actually being where it appears to be.
This powerful magical hybrid of lion and dragon is a skilled hunter and a deadly foe in battle. Most who encounter this creature and live to tell about it were very, very good at hiding.
Dragon Turtle:
Feared by sailors and held in awe by other creatures of the sea, this creature is both graceful in movement and brutal in hunger. It has been known to rip the bottoms from ships and devour the crew before they can even jump overboard.
This decidedly evil cousin to the normally good elves lives always in darkness, be it indoors or underground. A devout follower of Sorgath, a drow always seeks to live up to the teachings of the god of lies and murder.
This ill-tempered being is a distant cousin of normal dwarves, a descendant of a group of dwarves that long ago mined too far and encountered vast buried evils (and embraced their darker sides). Now, this being finds happiness in hurting any that would venture into its underground territory.
Earth Elemental:
A being of living earth and stone, this elemental forms from the dirt under the summoner's feet. Strong and heavy, these beings come from the Elemental Plane of Earth.
Ever alert and watchful, the ettin is a two-headed giant that roams mountainous regions in search of food and treasures.
Eye of the Deep:
A member of a race of beholders native to the depths of the seas, this creature is as evil and dangerous as it's air-breathing cousins.
Fire Elemental:
A being of living fire, this elemental is a favorite of those that enjoy destruction and light. Always eager to turn things in Aenea to cinders and ash, these glowing creatures originate on the Elemental Plane of Fire.
Flesh Golem:
Pieced together from multiple corpses and animated with an elemental life force, this creature is a fearsome guard.
A dangerous creature with flesh the color of stone, this creature is known to sit motionless on ledges and walls waiting for prey.
Gelatinous Cube:
A slow but deadly killer, this strangely rigid ooze creature is a favorite of beings with dungeons that need to be kept clean of dead monsters, living adventurers, and other refuse.
Even within the same tribes, there are a variety of goblins. Larger than in other worlds, Aenean goblins often have an assortment of weapons and armors they use. They are fond of traps.
Iron Golem:
Built from heavy iron plates and animated with an elemental life force, this creature is a deadly creature moves with unexpected speed and power to crush intruders.
Mind Flayer:
This wholely evil and sadistic creature is best known for the only thing it eats...the brains of other creatures. When not eating, the mindflayer spends its free time enslaving others, driving people insane, torturing small halflings, and thinking.
This tiny rodent can be found anywhere in the world. There are several varieties. Some eat your food and leave little black presents behind. Others can become rabid and attack even half-orcs. Still others get mixed up in magic and begin to catch things around them on fire.

Common to many worlds, the grey skinned orcs of Aenea control the vast Empire of Blood (K'Nort Scrar in their tongue), which they created more than a century ago by conquering several large human kingdoms. They are as cunning and smart as humans and they defend their lands against incursions by non-orcs.

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The picin is a humanoid being distantly related to normal fish. Such a creature has been known to board ships at sea and throw sailors and passengers overboard where they can more easily be eaten.
Tiny tricksters and illusionists, pixies are sometimes found as companions to wizards, so that the little creatures can go out and see the world before returning to their homes with years' worth of stories.
Predatory Grapevine:
These mobile plants gather nutrients and moisture from the soil where they've killed something.
Rust Monster:
The bane of warriors everywhere, the touch of this foul creature causes metal weapons and armor to instantly fall apart into a pile of rust (which it then eats). Weapons that strike the creature suffer the same fate.
A deadly variety of troll that lives underwater. This creature is incredibly fast in its watery home, taking advantage of the slowing effects the habitat has on other creatures.
Shambling Mound:
Deadly mounds of animated plant material, this type of creature is found in areas with plenty of moisture and other plants. They do not take well to intruders in their lands.
Shambling Mound of Decay:
Sometimes the plants that make up a shambling mound die, but the lifeforce animating the thing remains to bring new life to the decaying mass of vegetation.
Soulborne Demon:
Twisted creatures of the Dark Realm, these foul demons are spawned from the souls of mortals that have been sacrificed to Sorgath, the god of corruption.
Often describes as the unholy union of a bat and a mosquito, this blood-sucker usually found in dark caves. The stirge consumes a person's health very quickly, especially when found in numbers.
Stone Giant:
Powerful brutes that prefer areas of sparse vegetation, the grey-skinned stone giants blend into their environment in order to surprise their foes.
Water Elemental:
A being of living water, this elemental forms a dense wave that pounds against the summoner's enemies. Patient and persistent, these liquid creatures come from the Elemental Plane of Water.