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Example Clerics of the Gods and Goddesses of Aenea:

PCs planning to become clerics might want to consider working the one of the titles of similar clerics into their name at character creation. For example, instead of "Bob Smith" [first name "Bob" / last name "Smith"], an aspiring cleric of Borzig might be "Bob Smith, Stormsinger of Borzig" [first name "Bob Smith," / last name "Stormsinger of Borzig"].

Priest of Andra (Druid, Wildfriend, or Wilderness Protector): The priests of Andra are all druids. They work to protect the natural world from destruction by the (un)civilized masses. Druids can be found wandering all manner of wild locations. A few Wilderness Protectors even venture into humanoid settlements and towns to trade for supplies or confront those that are damaging the wilderness. Wildfriends are usually encountered wearing the favored green and brown of plant life.

Priest of Aquar (Waterbringer): Priests of Aquar are a rare sight, but are usually found near large bodies of water or unusual watery locations. They often wear robes and armor of various hues of the blue and green waters of the world.

Priest of Asis (Healer, Mother, or Father): Priests of Asis are respected in practically all cultures in Aenea, since they represent the source of all healing and life. Healers of Asis are known to be the best in the world, and they have access to the most potent healing magic there is. Mothers and fathers of the faith often bless marriages, oversee childbirth, and do their best to protect life. They are usually garbed in robes of white and gold.

Priest of Borzig (Rainbringer, Weatherman, Weatherwoman, Stormsinger, or Fieldsower): Priests of Borzig are found in many rural areas, where they bless crops from planting through the harvest. They are said to be able to control the weather with their prayers. Priests of Borzig are also said to be able to call down the fury of the storms to smite their enemies. They are usually garbed in clothing of brown and white, the colors of the earth and they clouds.

Priest of Conflagral (Flamebreather, Firedancer, or Torchbearer): Priests of Conflagral are known for their fiery tempers and jealous streaks. Some are said to be able to endure the hottest of fires without harm, while the most powerful actually gain life from it. Conflagral's priests often dress in the gold and red hues of flames.

Priest of Dalix (Steelheart, Ironwilled, Honorable One, or Protector): Priests of Dalix are some of the most honorable people in the world. They are protectors of the innocent and foes of evil everywhere. Many of her priests also take on the life of paladins. All are usually found wearing the silvers and grays of polished metal.

Priest of Gort (Horseman, Horsewoman, Wanderer, Trailmaster, or Trailmistress): Priests of Gort can be found all over the world, as theirs is a life of travel. Many are great distance runners, and they are often hired as messengers. They may be counted on to help the lost, but some of them are themselves purposefully lost. They are often garbed in the oranges and browns of the road and the sunset.

Priest of Harcorth (Sharksister, Sharkbrother, Sea Priest, or Seawalker): Priests of Harcorth are found in countless ports and seaside villages around the world. They are also quite common on ships at sea, as their blessings are common before and during voyages. They usually dress in the dark blues of the ocean depths.

Priest of Jewel (Seductress, Seductor, Poet, Heartseeker, or Starchild): Priests of Jewel can be found anywhere that art and beauty can be found. Seductresses and seductors are known to be incredible at their chosen arts to further the passions of the world. Heartseekers are always looking to promote love whereever they go. Poets and starchildren are devoted to poetry, painting, sculture, music, dance, theatre, and countless other forms of art (but do not mistake them for seductresses and seductors, a view which they take a dim view of). Priests of Jewel often dress in reds and silver of passion and purity.

Priest of Kalas (Judge, Truthseeker, or Arbitrator): Priests of Kalas are sought after as experts in matters of law and truth, and as sages and scholars in countless fields of study. Most are said to be able to detect a lie without the use of magic, and some are known to hand out rewards and punishments to those that deserve them. Most priests of Kalas dress in black, gray, and white, showing that they see matters from all sides.

Priest of Lysis (Fatereader, Fortunate One, Chancetaker, or Luck Granter): Priests of Lysis are often sought after by adventurers, merchants, and gamblers. They are asked for blessing by those looking to avoid bad luck of a bad twist of fate. Fatereaders are said to be able to see into a person's future, and they may be able to intervene through prayers to their deity. Priests of Lysis typically where the black hues favored by those that operate in the shadows and the golds of wealth.

Priest of Mystara (Holy Magi or Spellpriest): Priests of Mystara are said to have access to all types of magic, and they are supposedly able to deny the use of magic to others. They bless those that deal with magic and work to protect those that need protection from magic. Typically dressed in greens and silvers, these priests are also often known to be wizards.

Priest of Prizimal (Sun Priest, Moon Priest, Child of Light and Darkness, Sunbringer, or Darkbringer): Priests of Prizimal are the best at seeing two sides to almost any situation. Most are devoted representatives of the two sides of their god of the sun and the moons, of light and darkness. Some lean to one side or the other, working to spread light or darkness across the world. These priests often dress in garb that carries both extremes, white and black.

Priest of Ragnor (Destroyer, Mindslayer, Holy Lunatic, Devastator, or Soulbreaker): Priests of Ragnor embrace the destructive side of life. They work to destroy all that is good in the world. Some thrive on carnage, while the more insidious thrive on destroying the sanity of those around them. Many of Ragnor's priests are themselves insane. They are usually garbed in the reds and blacks of blood and charred remains.

Priest of Ralth (Forge Priest, Craftsmaster, or Blessed Smith): Priests of Ralth are widely known as some of the most skilled smiths and craftsmen in the world. Their forges are always hot, and they can make practically anything from metal or any other material. It is rumored that some priests of Ralth can even create items of magic and power greater that what can be done by wizards. Priests of Ralth are usually garbed in the golds and blacks of molten metal and cold iron.

Priest of Sorgath (Corruptor, Slayer, Blacktongue, Fang of the Serpent, or High Murderer): Priests of Sorgath are all evil. They often work behind the scenes to corrupt and kill those in power. Some of the most deadly assassins are priests of the serpent god. The worship of Sorgath is most prevalent in drow society. Priests of Sorgath are usually garbed in the greens and grays of venom and rot.

Priest of Terris (Stoneseeker, Crystalheart, or Stoneheart): Priests of Terris are rare. They are usually found in places with large amounts of exposed rock or near unusual crystal formations, admiring the beauty that can be made with minerals. Priests of Terris are said to be able to turn themselves to stone to stop their enemies' weapons, and it is said that they gain the strength to match. These priests are usually garbed in the golds and browns of rocks and minerals.

Priest of Torgat (War Priest, Battlemaster, or High Warrior): Priests of Torgat can be found all over the world. They live for battle, be it the physical battle of armed combat or the mental battle of two great chess players. They are the generals that direct large armies in battle, and they are the fighters at the front of the battle pitting their strength and skill against that of their enemies. Priests of the god of war garb themselves in the primary colors of blue, red, and yellow.

Priest of Typhis (Windsinger, Skywatcher, or Cloudseer): Priests of Typhis are often found in places with frequent wind storms and racing clouds. From high mountain peaks to the shores of the seas, these priests venerate the goddess of wind and all of her power. Her priests usually wear flowing clothing of pale blue and green.

Priestess of Zolaras (Deathsinger, Speaker for the Dead, or Soulguard): Priestesses of Zolaras are often found in places that house the dead. They preside over funerals and burial rites, and they are often the only ones available that can return the dead to life. Often protected by skeletal guardians, they hold power over the undead. Some priestesses of the goddess of death actively bring forth undead upon the world, while others hunt the creatures down to send them back to their goddess. Priestesses of Zolaras are often garbed in the black hues of eternal night.