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Beginner's Guide:

In order to assist new players in Aenea, here are a few tips and pointers to get things going.

Character Creation:

Pick a name that would fit into a D&D/serious fantasy style world. Obviously silly names (along the lines of "Lord of Losers", "Big Black Rooster", "Mr. Maird", etc.) or names of famous celebrities or characters (like "Paris Hilton's Actually Pretty Step-Sister", "Darth ...anything", "Aribeth", "Monkeyfist", "Johnny Smith", etc.) may get a character deleted after a while. "John Smith", while bland, is perfectly acceptable (a guy named John from a family of blacksmiths perhaps, rather than a guy that has visions when he touches things). Names that do not fit in this type of game are just one thing (preventable) that can break the immersive mood for many other players.

As you progress through character creation, you will move from chamber to chamber in the Astral Conjunction. Simply step on the mystical looking circle at the other side of each room to continue to the next.

Starting Equipment:
When you first arrive in Aenea, you will be stripped of all default items and gold, to be replaced by:
- 300 gp
- a torch
- 2 potions of cure light wounds (each heals 1d8+1 points)
- 2 Asis potions of cure light wounds (each heals 9 points)
- a bedroll
- bandages
- 4 food items
- clothing

As you head toward the mystic circle, you will be taken to a room where you will choose your subrace (or choose to stay a normal member of your race (no subrace)). Click on the green pillar of light to make the choice. The signs in the room will tell you about each subrace (as will the Rules & Info page on this site).

You will end up in a room with several levers. Use the levers to select which languages you wish to be able to understand within Aenea. All characters can understand Common already, and those of different PC races might have a racial language as well.

You can select as many extra languages as your Intelligence modifier. For example, a 10 or lower Int means no other languages, while an 18 Int means four additional languages can be taken.

There are 20 deities that influence Aenea. Everyone in Aenea has a patron deity which they feel the most connection with and devotion for, while still respecting the power and influence of the other gods and goddesses. You will select one of these as your patron before being allowed to proceed into the World of Aenea proper.

Important stuff:
• followers of Andra cannot advance as clerics (her priests are druids)
    - if you plan on becoming a druid later, choose Andra as your patron now
• all paladins follow Dalix
    - if you plan on becoming a paladin later, choose Dalix as your patron now
    - paladins, if they become blackguards, have a change in deity that will prevent later advances as a paladin
• male followers of Zolaras cannot advance as clerics (her priests are all female)

Variable Chat (VC) System:

With the addition of the 1.69 patch to NWN, Aenea has introduced it's Variable Chat command system (or VC for short). This is a system that takes note of what is typed into the chat bar in the Talk, Party, Whisper, Shout, or DM channel and runs certain commands or sets certain options for your character.

The system can be used to gain information about the game or your character. It can be used to set options for you. It includes an emote system. It also allows you to "speak" in languages other than Common, and it is heavily used for the Player Item Enchantment System. To get started, try typing vc help into the chat bar or take a look at the FAQ.

Preparing for Adventure:

After your deity selection is complete, you will find yourself inside the Sleeping Dragon Inn (in a town called Valorian's Vale). It has some boards and signs here that you will find some useful information, such as local news and rules of conduct.

Go ahead and level up. Normal characters will start out with enough xp to reach 3rd level. Those with a subrace will start out at 2nd level.

You have some money you can spend in the Vale. Find Darla at the Iron Tortoise for weapons and armor. The Temple of Life has healing potions, wands, and kits. Smitty's Shoppe has an odd assortment of stuff.

Vampires, drow, and shadow children may want to wait inside the inn between the game hours of 7 and 17 (daytime).

Look around town and talk to people to discover some lower level quests to get your started. The local news board in the inn mentions a couple. The town's administrator, Kerril, is also a source for a few jobs.

Wanderer's Portals:

You may come across some strange standing rings of stone. Once you find the correct item, you will be able to use these to travel across Aenea. Near each is a clue on how to get back to that particular Wanderer's Portal. This might help you work out the clues:


Exploring and paying attention to details will yield tons of information (and exploration means xp for PCs). Not all quests originate in Valorian's Vale. As new areas are added, most are not very close to the Vale. Invest in buying the map of Aenea from Smitty (when you can).

More information to help you have fun:
• Before resting, remove your armor and use the bandages on yourself.
• Some areas are limited in the number of times you can enter (to discourage "farming")
Talk to other PCs. They can be a wealth of information and a great aid in adventuring. Adventuring with others is what D&D is about.
• New characters can rest as often as they like (until 4th level). Take advantage of this for hit point and spell recovery.
• Things are always being refined/updated. The forum is a great resource and updated information is posted there very often.
• The Creator/DM is always open to hearing suggestions on how Aenea can be improved, what could be changed, or something you'd like to see added to the world. Not all suggestions are used, but all are seriously considered. You can influence this game!