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Player Housing Instructions:

If you are building a house for your character in Aenea, please follow these steps.


1. Copy these instructions down or print them out.

2. Go to the Downloads page and follow the link to find the latest Aenea Player Building Module. Download it and decompress into your NWN/modules folder.

3. Open the toolset.

4. Create the area for the interior of your new house.

5. You can use any placeables that are in the toolset inside your house. (through the little kitchen table icon on the left-hand palette). Placeables are to be static, non-useable decorations. Chairs, sofas, etc. can be useable, so you can sit on them.

Placeables should be limited to 100 or so in the entire area. They add to the size of the module itself and large numbers slow down the game for everyone when anybody is in the area that has the placeables.

6. NPCs and Items: You can have up to 10 NPCs in your house, but I will strip them of droppable items and set them to "plot" so they do not become a source of XP or loot that other players do not have access to. Their scripting will also be brought down to minimal to reduce drain on server's processing. You can have a few minor items (such as a chest with food or a couple of blank scrolls), but nothing of much value since the house isn't a treasure generator.

7. Please keep the area to no more than 10x10 tiles in size. You can use smaller rooms in the same area to simulate upstairs and downstairs, just use doors or triggers as transitions within the same game area. Give your transition doors unique tags!

8. Include waypoints in your house:
- One will be named your character's full name with the tag "name".
- One will be named your username with the tag "username".
- Spelling, spaces, punctuation, etc. matter for this, or you won't be able to enter your new house in-game.
- One waypoint needs to have the password you want set on the entrance door.
- Add waypoints with information you want me (The Amethyst Dragon) to know about as I look over your area (such as flavor text you would like to see).

9. Save your module! Several times as your work.

10. Email the module file to

11. If you want a house, but do not want to use the toolset, you can simply email me and I will create a generic house for you.

12. If you have an area in Aenea you would prefer your house to be located (maybe a certain town or wilderness haunt), let me know in the email. I will place all houses within the kingdoms of Nektaria and Macedonia.

13. Once the house is sent to me, I will check it out and import it into the game. Depending on the complexity of the area and the number of placeables, triggers, doors, etc., this may take days (or weeks) of real time. I will handle any special scripting needed inside (perhaps for same-area transitions).

If you feel I may have forgotten your house, send me a PM on the forum. I may not have gotten the email (it's happened twice so far, with custom items).

14. Once it is online, the "instruction book" will be automatically exchanged for a journal entry with the location of your house and the password to get inside.