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Neverwinter Nights Vault Hall of Fame

Jay Braysin


Preferred Play Style:
RP during the light of day, HnS in the dark of night

Ranger / Rogue / Shadowdancer

Shadow Child

Favored Weapons/Spells:
Naka's Nightmare Wraithblade & Sharlo's Silver Starblade (The Twins) [Bastard Swords]
transference and phoenix's shocking blast

Jay Braysin has made a home in Aenea since his arrival, literally.. you can find his house of the Rising Sun just outside the swamp town of Mistborne and the doors are always open to those that fear the light of day. Jay has a charming and curious, if slightly un-natural liking for anything that will get him killed.. the great hall of Zolaras is his other home in Aenea.. Always willing to lend a hand and a tutorial for the uneducated or be a guide in the forests.. or just generally stalk people -its in his nature.. Jay can sometimes actually be an unreliable travelling companion and has be known to abandon a group in the middle of the Calithian desert due to a small thing he calls "The Damn Dawn".

Memorable Adventures:
Learning to Jump Lava, The demi-lich of Calith's Well, The dracolich rising of Macedonia Burial Island, Numorous "vampire vs shadowchildren" war skirmishes, Following and completing the Prophecy of Agna Nol, Finding and returning the Luminaria Blade, Velvet's mass duel with Vorschlagg, Earning the title of Protector of Nektaria... and many many more.... ...

Character Goals:
Racking up over 1000 on each kill kount, including his own death .. .. managing to sneak up on, fight and defeat Crideas Bane in a fair contest (without using Disintegrate..etc) just because the old guy's died more times than him and thus must be the leader of all of Aenea's vampire's...

Favorite Thing About Aenea:
The depth of detail.. in everything.. from the website, to the forums, to the GUI.. to the world.. (see how I dragged you in too!) Aenea is a great place to spend an hour or three.. the staff are helpful and friendly, the creator will listen to and respond to any suggestions, the bugs are caught and destroyed quickly.. it is a great in-depth world.. continuously in improvement... with lots and lots of custom items, effects, scripting and more...

How You Heard About Aenea:
By chance..ha!....No, seriously it was familiarity with AD's other vault works (namely the GUI and icon overhauls) that led me to the world to try and see what else that inspiring mind can conjour up.. I was not disappointed.. and have not left since..

Jay Braysin's in-game description.

Jay and others defeat the orcish emperor.

Jay and others celebrate the defeat of the rampaging dragon known as Talon.

Jay and Shouri Braysin.

Jay and Grog Ale-Quaffer.