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VC Command System:

With the addition of the 1.69 patch to NWN, Aenea has introduced it's Variable Chat command system (or VC for short). This is a system that takes note of what is typed into the chat bar in the Talk, Party, Whisper, Shout, or DM channel and runs certain commands or sets certain options for your character.

The following list shows most of the available commands (in cyan text) and describes what their functions are. Some commands become available only for certain classes or those with particular items. VC commands are preceded by a two-character prefix (generally two semi-colons ";;") which tells the system that what follows is intended as a VC command. The prefix can be entered as either ";;" or ";; ". Quotation marks are never used for VC commands.

The VC command system also controls emotes and Out of Character (OOC) talk. Emotes are preceeded by two periods (".."), and OOC talk can be denoted by starting with two forward slashes ("//"). Emote text will appear in the same indigo color as a character's name in the chat window (no need to surround the text with asterisks to set it apart). OOC talk will include the slashes and appear in light blue-gray to set it apart from in character talk. These are optional, but can be helpful for those that want to keep their OOC & IC talk separate.

;;help or vc help - in-game and can't remember how to input one of the VC commands? Just use one of these simple commands.

General Use Commands:
     ;;afk (or afk) - flag self as Away From Keyboard (makes PC ineffective
               yet safer if there is a need to leave the game for a moment)
± ;;arrow focus list - level 2+ arcane archers can create a magical arrow 1/day
          ;;arrow focus 1 - create banishment arrow (AA 7+)           ;;arrow focus 2 - create bestow curse arrow (AA 2+)           ;;arrow focus 3 - create blindness/deafness arrow (AA 2+)           ;;arrow focus 4 - create confusion arrow (AA 3+)           ;;arrow focus 5 - create dispel magic arrow (AA 2+)           ;;arrow focus 6 - create fear arrow (AA 3+)           ;;arrow focus 7 - create flesh to stone arrow (AA 10+)           ;;arrow focus 8 - create greater spell breach arrow (AA 8+)           ;;arrow focus 9 - create hold person arrow (AA 4+)           ;;arrow focus 10 - create lightning bolt arrow (AA 5+)           ;;arrow focus 11 - create silence arrow (AA 2+)           ;;arrow focus 12 - create web arrow (AA 2+)
± ;;f help - list of follower-related commands
          ;;f attack - command followers to attack Selected target           ;;f call - call followers short distances to you           ;;f defend - command followers to attack the last enemy to attack you           ;;f follow - command followers to follow near you           ;;f halt - command followers to stop moving for 2 rounds           ;;f inter - get rid of Selected undead henchman
± ;;game help - help list for gaming functions (cards, dice, etc.)
          ;;game bet x - takes x gold from you and adds it to the Selected pot           ;;game cheat - toggle 'cheating' on/off (uses Pick Pocket skill)           ;;game countpot - count the gold in the Selected pot           ;;game dartsplit - split Selected stack of darts into sets of 3           ;;game destpot - destroys the Selected pot if it is empty           ;;game makepot - creates a 'pot' which will hold bets           ;;game takepot - take all the gold from the Selected pot           ;;game 1d6 - roll a 6-sided die (requires dice item)           ;;game 2d6 - roll 2 6-sided dice (requires dice item)           ;;game 3d6 - roll 3 6-sided dice (requires dice item)           ;;game 4d6 - roll 4 6-sided dice (requires dice item)
± ;;god help - help list for deity-related commands
          ;;god info - get a reminder of which god or goddess is your patron deity           ;;god piety - get your current piety score           ;;god pray quiet - say a quiet prayer to your patron deity           ;;god pray loud - say a loud prayer to your patron deity           ;;god pray xxxxxx - say a prayer to any deity           ;;god tithe x - Select an altar to your deity within 5 meters, then use this
               to offer gold to your deity. Replace x with the amount.
          ;;god bless me - call upon your deity, asking for divine favor (everyone)           ;;god bless berry - turn a Selected berry into a blessed healing fruit
          ;;god bless vial - turn a Selected vial of clean water into a vial of holy water
               (non-evil clerics and paladins)
          ;;god bless water - turn a Selected vial of clean water into
               a breakable vial of holy water (non-evil clerics and paladins)
          ;;god bless water throwing - turn a Selected vial of clean water into a
               breakable vial of holy water (shuriken) (non-evil clerics and paladins)
± ;;horse help - help list for various horse-related commands
          ;;horse name xxxxxx - rename your horse (and store name for
               when dismounting)
          ;;horse emptybags - empty your horse's saddlebags into your
               inventory and take the saddlebags (DO THIS BEFORE STABLING)
          ;;horse stable in - when at a proper stable, this will stable
               your horse if you have at least 100 gp to pay for food and space
          ;;horse stable out - when at the same stable as before, this
               will bring out your horse for you
± ;;info help - help list for various information commands
          ;;info abilitymods - shows the logs of ability increases from tomes
               or from Lady Shea
          ;;info arena - if you've battled in the Bloodsand Pit, this lists your stats           ;;info deaths - the number of times you have died so far           ;;info enemy - attempt to judge difficulty of Selected enemy           ;;info enemy help - describes how ;;info enemy command works           ;;info karma - get an instant quest karma reading           ;;info kk - your current 'Kill Kount' of certain types of creatures (not
               all are counted)
          ;;info levels - quick list of your current classes and levels           ;;info options - list your current optional settings           ;;info selfbuffs - get list of current self-cast spell effects with spell IDs           ;;info skills - get current ranks in the background skills and tradeskills           ;;info time - get the current time information           ;;info title - your title (if you have been given one by a DM)           ;;info who - get a list of current Player Character locations           ;;info xp - see the your current XP, amount needed to level, and XP Debt
     ;;ki focus - level 4+ monks can focus ki energy 1/day to create one
               or more special shuriken
± ;;l help - help list for language-related commands
          ;;l list - list all the languages you can currently speak           ;;l common - switch back to using Common           ;;l cel - change to speaking in Celestial           ;;l dra - change to speaking in Draconic           ;;l dwa - change to speaking in Dwarven           ;;l elf - change to speaking in Elven           ;;l fae - change to speaking in Fae           ;;l fie - change to speaking in Fiendish           ;;l gia - change to speaking in Giant           ;;l gno - change to speaking in Gnomish           ;;l orc - change to speaking in Orcish           ;;l und - change to speaking in Undercommon           Note: Language specific commands will work only if you can
               understand that language.
± ;;option help - list of optional toggles for game play
          ;;option autosave - toggle automatic saving of character file
               (each game hour)
          ;;option collect - toggle automatic collection of some small items           ;;option deathme - toggle announcements of your death to others           ;;option deathother - toggle seeing death announcements of others           ;;option deathreturn - toggle whether you want others
               to be able to raise/ressurect you from the dead
          ;;option fullharvest - toggle on to fully harvest food sources           ;;option headvfx - toggle off to stop using the visible headbands/lenses.
               Use this before donning such an item.
          ;;option map - toggle the use of the 3D version of the world map           ;;option mc - toggle on to use material components when casting spells           ;;option page - toggle notifications when someone pages you           ;;option sunshelter - toggle notification of nearby indoor/underground areas
               (for vampires, shadow children, drow)
          ;;option walk - toggle on to force yourself to walk 35% slower           ;;option wlevel - toggle if your level shows up in the player list           ;;option walign - toggle if your alignment shows in the player list           ;;option wlocation - toggle if your location shows in the player list           ;;option wparty - toggle the "looking for a party" flag in the player list           ;;option wvent - toggle your current Ventrilo use status in the player list           ;;option xpblock - toggle if you want normal XP gain blocked or not
± ;;quest help - list of quest/job system commands
          ;;quest list - list current and finished quests/jobs, plus quest codes for each           ;;quest status xxxx - check status of a quest, replace xxxx with code
               from ;;quest list
          ;;quest start - begin quest/job for currently Selected object
               (an item, or job posting)
          ;;info karma - get an instant quest karma reading
± ;;sc help - list of Semi-Class commands
          ;;sc addxp - invest 1,000 XP into your Semi-Class           ;;sc class - see which Semi-Class you may have taken           ;;sc xp - see how much XP you have invested so far           ;;sc power - see current amount of Semi-Class Power Points
     ;;shop help - some Selected merchants wthin 5 meters sell in bulk
± ;;style help - list of different combat animation styles available
          ;;style info - basic info on animation style changes           ;;style normal - set animation style to default           ;;style kensai - this is a samurai style of combat           ;;style assassin - a style that is perfect for stealthy fighters           ;;style heavy - this style is good for 2-handed weapons           ;;style fencer - this style is good for rapier or two-weapon fighting           ;;style shield - this style focuses on using a shield during melee           ;;style levitate - switch to using the 'Levitating' style of combat
               (Lvl 20+ arcane casters or Ascended only)
          ;;style tiger - switch to using the 'Tiger Claw' style of combat
               (Lvl 2+ monks only)
          ;;style sun - switch to using the 'Sun Fist' style of combat
               (Lvl 2+ monks only)
          ;;style dragon - switch to using the 'Dragon Palm' style of combat
               (Lvl 2+ monks only)
          ;;style bear - switch to using the 'Bear Claw' style of combat
               (Lvl 2+ monks only)
± ;;tool help - help list for miscellaneous PC functions
          ;;tool addcdkey - to add another set of CD keys to the database for your
               username - log in, use this command, get booted, change CD keys
               in .ini file, then log right back in again
          ;;tool appraise - try to determine the value of a Selected item before
               taking it to a shop to sell
          ;;tool backup - manual save of your character file to the servervault           ;;tool dispel x - dispel your own spell with ID number x (see ;;info selfbuffs)           ;;tool endsong - ends a currently running Bard Song           ;;tool itemname xxxxxx - change the name of a Selected item           ;;tool itemdesc xxxxxx - change the description of a Selected item           ;;tool itemstore - store 1 Selected item in the database
               (for reincarnation/ascension)
          ;;tool itemrestore - regain stored item from the database           ;;tool mydesc xxxxxx - change the description others see when
               they "examine" you in-game
          ;;tool portrait xxxxxx - change your portrait, replace xxxxxx with the name of a
               portrait from your portraits folder or these lists.
          ;;tool voice x - change your voice set, replace x with the ID number of a
               valid voice set for your character.
          ;;tool radius x - create a temporary "target practice" visual effect at
               Selected Location (replace x with s, m, l, h, g, or c, spellcasters only)
          ;;tool xpdebtpay - instantly pay off up to 10,000 points of XP Debt           ------------------------- "Fixes" -------------------------           ;;tool appfix - fix character appearance for those with a custom appearance
               or half-elves using the elf size option
          ;;tool epicmagicfix1 - if your epic caster is missing the ability to cast epic
               spells, try this once
          ;;tool fixmytail - a demonspawn's tail if showing incorrectly           ;;tool horsefix - fixes error if a PC becomes "stuck inside a horse"           ;;tool modstart - reset mystical item modification crystals in current area           ;;tool shadowfix - restore concealment for shadow children after
               glitterdust and faerie fire spells
          ;;tool showmetheevil - adds the Detect Evil feat if your character is
               missing it and is at least a level 2 paladin
± ;;ts xxxxxx - tradeskill commands
          ;;ts cook xxx - after using portable kitchen, use this to cook
               desired food from this list
          ;;ts rune list - get list of possible runes           ;;ts rune howto - explains how to paint runes           ;;ts rune xxx - pick desired rune for use with rune paints           ;;ts herb list - list of possible herbal concoctions           ;;ts herb xxx - put together an herbal concoction,
               replacing xxx with desired type
     ;;vfx help - help list for the PC Customizing System
     ;;k - shortcut for ;;info karma
     ;;p - shortcut for ;;god piety
     ;;s - do a Search check on the Selected placeable
     ;;t - shortcut for ;;info time
     ;;w - shortcut for ;;info who
     ;;x - shortcut for ;;info xp
     ;;dmhelp - send out a request to DMs (and DMs online as players) for help
     ;;dragon call - call your dragon companion from the sky
     ;;dragon fly - send your dragon companion into the sky
     ;;echest call - call your Ethereal Chest to nearby Ethereal Rift
     ;;echest hide - hide your Ethereal Chest within the Ethereal Plane
     ;;page xxxxxx - use to send a visual/audible page to another PC if they aren't responding to Tells
     ;;password xxxxxx - use to open password-protected Selected object
± - help list for in-game emotes
±      ..list - get list of pre-defined, non-radial-menu emotes
               ..chop                ..crazydance                ..crouch                ..drunk                ..fallb (fall backward)                ..fallf (fall forward)                ..fiddle                ..flipcoin                ..hum                ..kneel                ..look                ..meditate                ..nap (lay down for 30 seconds)                      ..ponder (think with hand on chin)                ..salute (hold out weapon)                ..scratch (scratch head)                      ..sing1 (cheerful little song)                ..sing2 (off-key love song)                ..sing3 (drinking song)                ..sit (sit for 30 seconds)                ..sitlong (sit for 5 minutes)                ..sleep (lay down for 5 minutes)                ..spasm                ..steal (pick pocket animation)                ..stretch                ..taunt                ..thisway (motion others your way)                ..whistle1 (cheerful whistle)                ..whistle2 (fake-innocent whistle)                ..whistle3 (appreciative whistle)                ..vomit (stand back!)                ..wave                ..check cha (emoted Charisma check)                ..check con (emoted Constitution check)                ..check dex (emoted Dexterity check)                ..check int (emoted Intelligence check)                ..check str (emoted Strength check)                ..check wis (emoted Wisdom check)
          ..xxxxxx - emote command...replace xxxxxx with name of emote from the list           ..xxxxxx (other) - visible emote text...replace xxxxxx with text describing
               what you are doing that others could observe (other than the
               pre-defined ones from the list)
     //xxxxxx - replace xxxxxx with text you want spoken in "// OOC grey"

Special Item-Related Commands:
     ;;breakitem - break (destroy) a single item you possess (script looks first
               for item in right hand, then in left hand, then for a Selected item)
     ;;craft help - open in-game crafting help conversation
     ;;craft goal xxxxxx - used for non-magical item making, see this post for details.
± ;;craft xxxxxx - list of commands for altering item appearances (details here)
          ;;craft amulet x - on a Selected amulet, replace x with the number of
               the desired amulet appearance (Craft Armor 12+)
          ;;craft belt x - (Craft Armor 8+)           ;;craft bracer x - (Craft Armor 15+)           ;;craft glove x - (Craft Armor 10+)           ;;craft ring x - (Craft Armor 12+)
± ;;craft trap xxxxxx - set desired power level of traps made with trap materials
          ;;craft trap minor -           ;;craft trap average -           ;;craft trap strong -           ;;craft trap deadly -           ;;craft trap epic -
     ;;gs xxxxxx - activate certain "virtual" items that provide "granted spells"
± ;;hod help - list of commands for use with a hat of disguise
          ;;hod list - list possible appearances           ;;hod xxxxxx - xxxxxx should be one of the listed appearances,
               use this to change appearance
          ;;hod return - return to normal appearance
     ;;pick food - use to mark Selected food item as the one to be
               consumed before sleeping next
± ;;tattoo x - before using tattoo ink, replace x with a body part number:
          ;;tattoo 1 - right bicep           ;;tattoo 2 - right forearm           ;;tattoo 3 - right thigh           ;;tattoo 4 - right shin           ;;tattoo 5 - left bicep           ;;tattoo 6 - left forearm           ;;tattoo 7 - left thigh           ;;tattoo 8 - left shin           ;;tattoo 9 - chest/back

Magic-Related Commands:
± ;;ally xxx - summon ally and magehound spell commands
          ;;ally set x - set Selected PC to an "ally slot x" for the summon ally
               and magehound spells
               (1-25 for wizards, 1-12 for all others)
          ;;ally clear x - empty out "ally slot x"           ;;ally list - ist all allies you have attuned to your magic.           ;;ally x - replace x with the number of one of your "ally slots", the
               one to use when you cast summon ally or magehound spells.
± ;;contingency xxx - contingency spell commands
          ;;contingency info - learn more about the spell           ;;contingency list c - list of possible conditions           ;;contingency list r - list of possible responses           ;;contingency set c xxxxxx - set the condition that will trigger your
               future castings of contingency
          ;;contingency set r xxxxxx - set the response that will happen with your
               future castings of contingency
          ;;contingency cancel - cancel current contingency
     ;;dbf x - set number of rounds for delayed blast fireball detonation, 0 to 5
     ;;enchant help - help list for the Player Item Enchantment System
± ;;em xxx - epic magic commands (for those with Epic Magic feat)
          ;;em list - list all 40 (or 50) epic spell slots           ;;em erase x - permanently erase epic spell number x           ;;em info x - see description of epic spell number x           ;;em x - pick epic spell x before using the Epic Magic feat on a target           ;;em desc xxxx - set new description for epic spell you have picked
               with ;;em x
          ;;em gold - get your current amount of Celestial Gold (used for
               epic spell research)
          ;;em gold x - convert x regular gold into Celestial Gold (requires
               philosopher's stone, give 10% bonus Celestial Gold)
          ;;em slot1 x - pick epic spell x for "slot 1" before using focus item for casting           ;;em slot2 x - pick epic spell x for "slot 2" before using focus item for casting           ;;em slot3 x - pick epic spell x for "slot 3" before using focus item for casting           ;;em slot4 x - pick epic spell x for "slot 4" before using focus item for casting           ;;em slot5 x - pick epic spell x for "slot 5" before using focus item for casting           ;;em slot6 x - pick epic spell x for "slot 6" before using focus item for casting           ;;em slot7 x - pick epic spell x for "slot 7" before using focus item for casting           ;;em slot8 x - pick epic spell x for "slot 8" before using focus item for casting
± ;;option elemental xxx - quickly pick your preferred elemental type for
               summon creature VII, summon creature VIII, and summon creature IX
          ;;option elemental air           ;;option elemental earth           ;;option elemental fire           ;;option elemental water           ;;option elemental random
± ;;option fdisc xxx - pick your preferred color for tenser's floating disc
          ;;option fdisc blue           ;;option fdisc green           ;;option fdisc grey           ;;option fdisc orange           ;;option fdisc purple           ;;option fdisc red           ;;option fdisc yellow           ;;option fdisc random
± ;;option glyph x - pick your preferred damage type for glyph of warding
          ;;option glyph acid           ;;option glyph cold           ;;option glyph electricity           ;;option glyph fire           ;;option glyph sonic           ;;option glyph negative           ;;option glyph divine
± ;;option light xxx - pick your preferred color for light and continual flame
          ;;option light blue           ;;option light green           ;;option light orange           ;;option light purple           ;;option light red           ;;option light white           ;;option light yellow           ;;option light random
± ;;option meyes xxx - pick your preferred color for oculus' magical eyes
          ;;option meyes blue           ;;option meyes green           ;;option meyes orange           ;;option meyes purple           ;;option meyes red           ;;option meyes white           ;;option meyes yellow           ;;option meyes random
  ;;option mm x - pick your preferred projectile for magic missile (see
               spell description for full list)
± ;;sum x x - preselect your desired creatures for the summon creature spells
               1st x is spell level, 2nd x is desired creature
          ;;sum 1 x for summon creature I
                       0 - random - (default)
                       1 Dire Badger
                       2 Black Bear
                       3 Wolf
                       4 Cougar
                       5 Panther
                       6 Leopard
          ;;sum 2 x for summon creature II
                       0 - random - (default)
                       1 Dire Boar
                       2 Jaguar
                       3 Lion
                       4 Black Lion
                       5 Tiger
                       6 White Tiger
          ;;sum 3 x for summon creature III
                       0 - random - (default)
                       1 Dire Wolf
                       2 Brown Bear
                       3 Bison
                       4 Winter Wolf
                       5 Monstrous Bat
                       6 Giant Slug
          ;;sum 4 x for summon creature IV
                       0 - random - (default)
                       1 Dire Spider
                       2 Grizzly Bear
                       3 Polar Bear
                       4 Ankheg
          ;;sum 5 x for summon creature V
                       0 - random - (default)
                       1 Dire Bearr
                       2 Desert Panther
                       3 Griffon           ;;sum 6 x for summon creature VI
                       0 - random - (default)
                       1 Dire Tiger
                       2 Bulette
                       3 Umber Hulk
          ;;sum 7 x for summon creature VII
                       0 - random - (default)
                       1 Air Elemental
                       2 Earth Elemental
                       3 Fire Elemental
                       4 Water Elemental
          ;;sum 8 x for summon creature VIII
                       0 - random - (default)
                       1 Large Air Elemental
                       2 Large Earth Elemental
                       3 Large Fire Elemental
                       4 Large Water Elemental
          ;;sum 9 x for summon creature IX
                       0 - random - (default)
                       1 Elder Air Elemental
                       2 Elder Earth Elemental
                       3 Elder Fire Elemental
                       4 Elder Water Elemental
± ;;tp xxx - teleport spell commands
          ;;tp set x - set current location to a "location slot x" for the
               teleport spell (1-50 for wizards, 1-25 for all others)
          ;;tp clear x - empty out a "location slot x"           ;;tp listall - list contents of all your "location slots"           ;;tp list1 - list contents of the first 25 "location slots"           ;;tp list2 - list contents of the second 25 "location slots"           ;;tp x - replace x with the number of one of your "location slots",
               then cast teleport
          ;;tp rename xxxxxx - replace xxxxxx with desired text for currently
               selected "location slot"
± ;;ws help - commands for additional Wildshape forms
          ;;ws xxxxxx - Wildshape animal form...replace xxxxxx with one of the
               correct animal types to change into that form
±      ;;ws list - list of available animal forms for Wildshape
               ;;ws badger                ;;ws bat                ;;ws bear                ;;ws beetle                ;;ws bison                ;;ws boar                ;;ws cat                ;;ws chicken                ;;ws cougar                ;;ws cow                ;;ws crab                ;;ws buck                ;;ws doe                ;;ws dog                ;;ws dragonfly                ;;ws falcon                ;;ws ferret                ;;ws hog                ;;ws horse                ;;ws leopard                ;;ws mouse                ;;ws ox                ;;ws panther                ;;ws parrot                ;;ws rat                ;;ws raven                ;;ws scorpion                ;;ws seagull                ;;ws shark                ;;ws snake                ;;ws spider                ;;ws swallow                ;;ws tiger                ;;ws tigerwhite                ;;ws tortoise                ;;ws wolf
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