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(January 18, 2018)

(January 3, 2018)

Current Direct Connect IP: 5121

Game Type: PW Action
Server: The World of Aenea
Module: Aenea PW v100
Difficulty: D&D Hardcore
Total Areas: 764
Players (since 6/18/06): 2707

Staff (the boss, then alphabetical):

• The Amethyst Dragon
(Creator / Head DM)

• Dungeon Master Beowulf
(Assistant DM)

• Dungeon-Master Gaelen
(Assistant DM)

• Dungeon Master Mythgar
(Assistant DM)

• Dungeon Master Varillor
(Assistant DM)

• Dungeon Mistress Anaurra Lide
(Assistant DM)

Publicly Available Custom Content:

Status: OFFLINE (hardware issue)

"Impressive. Most impressive."
(Three Hour Tour article)

"I've only just begun to explore Aenea, but what I've seen so far has been impressively rich, detailed, challenging and fun. But the best part might just be how friendly, welcoming, helpful and downright lovely all the players are."
- amethyst347

"I'm thoroughly enjoying your server AD! The more time I spend adventuring in it, the more I'm pleased with all aspects of it, right down to the smallest detail, of which there are many."
- Jorn Kyros (Barus Gorn)

"I'm completely new to NWN, yet the community in Aenea is so friendly that I don't feel intimidated to give any challenge a try..."
- rosareven

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for bringing this wonderful world to life and sharing it with us. I find myself thinking more and more about what I want to do or see the next time that I log on, and it has been some time since anything has engaged me in this way."
- Eric of Atrophy

Welcome to the World of Aenea. This site contains information and resources needed by those playing (or interested in playing) on the World of Aenea server.

Aenea is an online world developed originally for a pen and paper Dungeons & Dragons game. The world has a flavor of its own, and a bit of time exploring will reveal that to players. After more than a year of work in the design and crafting, went online in June 2006 for the general public to explore and adventure in.

The World of Aenea is constantly being added to. As time passes, new content (areas, monsters, treasures, game improvements, and visual upgrades) are always being added.

Just a few features to look forward to as you explore:
  • award winning colorized class, feat, radial, emote, and spell icons, an original idea developed for this world
  • a text-based Variable Chat command system for gaining information, toggling options, speaking languages, initiating extra emotes, and more
  • underwater areas with blue-skinned scrags (waterbreathing trolls) and the risk of drowning
  • horses of different sorts for riding
  • a custom designed portal system any character can learn to use, for rapid travel across the continent
  • teleportation spells, such as teleport, transference, word of recall, summon ally, and teleportation barrier
  • deity-specific granted spells and powers for clerics to replace the generic domains
  • different favors granted by the deities to their followers, such as healing, summoned aid, or even killing of enemies
  • many D&D style items, such as ioun stones and the hat of disguise
  • several additional skills that characters can automatically gain ranks in, such as Swim and Knowledge (arcana)
  • tradeskills (such as gemcutting and farming) that allow characters another facet to develop if they wish
  • 124 new spells such as water breathing (makes it possible to avoid drowning), sphere of denial (knocks creatures over), and tenser's floating disc (for carrying treasure out of dungeons)
  • the expansive Aenean Epic Magic System, which allows epic casters to research customized epic spells and cast them multiple times per day
  • ...and much more
News and Updates:
For server news and updates, please visit the Aenea forum.


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